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Talvinen lumen peittämä metsä, jonka latvojen välistä näkyy järvi.

Project Background

The Struve Geodetic Arc is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and six of the station points are in Finland. One of the station points is in Central Finland and is located at the top of Oravivuori hill in Korpilahti Jyväskylä. 

The Oravivuori station point has historical value and is an excellent nature destination and scenic spot. We aim to enliven the nature tourism and cultural heritage at Oravivuori by creating new and innovative virtual experiences. The unique historical narrative of the Struve Geodetic Arc will be brought to life through art and XR technology. 


The objective of the project is to find new and innovative ways of harnessing XR technologies as a part of travelling and experiencing nature and cultural heritage. Testing new possibilities for remote travel will be possible in the project due to exploiting virtual content. We will also develop the physical accessibility of Oravivuori and explore the possibility of becoming a destination on the trans-European Eurovelo cycle route network. 

Struve Experience will engage the area’s operators, residents and students in developing concepts, productization and marketing. Our goal with our partners is to organize various live events at Oravivuori and its surrounding area in addition to developing virtual concepts. 

Operational Details

The duration of the project is 1 September 2021–31 May 2023.
The project is funded by Ministry of Education and Culture, and it’s carried out by Humak University of Applied Sciences in the executive and administrative role. Main partners in the project are Visit Jyväskylä Region and National Land Survey of Finland (NLS).  

Read more about the Struve Geodetic Arc and Oravivuori at NLS website.