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Talvinen lumen peittämä metsä, jonka latvojen välistä näkyy järvi.

Struve experience – where XR meets art

The Struve Geodetic Arc was built to measure the size and shape of the Earth during the 1800s and it spans from the Arctic Sea to the Black Sea. It was accepted into to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2005. Six of the station points are in Finland and the Oravivuori point is located in Central Finland on top of the Oravivuori hill in Korpilahti, Jyväskylä. The site offers beautiful views over the lake Päijänne from a scenic tower at top of the hill. 

The Struve Experience project has executed two productions that combine XR technology and art. The XR experiences use visual storytelling and modern technology to tell the story of how the world was measured using survey triangulation measurements and to give you a glance from the past.  

The art content in the productions allow you to see the story of the Struve Geodetic Arc and Oravivuori from new and surprising viewpoints like never before.

Introducing the artists

The four artists that have created the Struve Experience story are: 

Laura Rukola (artist, art educator, dancer, environmental educator) Script for the productions and dance content. 

Olga Kolari (sound designer, musician, poet) Music and poetry. 

Minja Revonkorpi (visual artist, graphic designer, art teacher) Graphic elements and visual art content. 

Arto Polus (animator, AV techincian, media artist) animations. 

Noveltive Oy produced the virtual experience and all the 360 video materials. Zaibatsu Interactive is the technical executor for the AR application. 

How to visit

For an on-site visit the Struve Experience AR-application is free to download from AppStore and Google Play in the spring 2023. The art contents open up on seven different points along the way on the nature path. The address for the starting point is Vanhanpääntie 51, Korpilahti. There is a guided path to the top from the carpark. Coordinates for the scenic tower are ETRS 89, N 61°55’36” E 25°32’01”

A remote travel experience is available starting June 2023 online or at the Museum of Central Finland (KeMu). The virtual experience allows you to see world heritage from a bird’s-eye view.

Both productions are available in Finnish and English.

Operational Details

The duration of the project is September 1st 2021– May 31st 2023.
The project is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and is coordinated by Humak University of Applied Sciences. Main partners in the project are Visit Jyväskylä Region, National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) and Museum of Central Finland (KeMu).  

Read more about the Struve Geodetic Arc and Oravivuori at NLS website.